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At TradeWell, our mission is to help retirees and pre-retirees make the most of their resources to reach their financial and income goals. As a fee-based, Fiduciary investment advisory firm, Tradewell specializes in custom-tailored guaranteed income plans designed to maximize your retirement. Our stated goal is to mathematically prove that your income wont stop when your paychecks do.


We want to learn about you, your hopes and dreams and our initial meeting is at no charge or obligation to you.  A TradeWell relationship begins with us listening and learning about you and your goals; and then exploring how we can help you optimize your income, assets, tax and legal concerns.

Not only is Mike a Fiduciary, we are fee-only financial advisers when managing your stocks and bonds; we charge a small fee that comes right out of your account on a monthly basis.  When you do better so do we. This ensures that our clients receive  best-in-class service to get to and through retirement. 


In addition to Mike Albertson who serves as a fiduciary to Tradewell clients and is obligated to set your interests ahead of his own, the firm has access to wide range of in-house professionals, including elder law attorneys, CPA’s, EA’s, tax advisors, insurance professionals and investment advisor representatives. With a full complement of professionals under one roof, the high level of coordination, communication and collaboration that takes place provides our clients with best-in-class service.



Mike Albertson is an Investment Adviser Representative. Advisory services offered through Secure Asset Management, LLC (SAM) a Registered Investment Adviser.

Securities are offered through Aurora Securities, Inc. (ASI) Member: FINRA/SIPC.

Tradewell Tax and Financial is not an affiliated company of (SAM) or (ASI).

Representatives of Tradewell Tax and Financial are authorized in states where they are properly registered. Mike Albertson: FL, IN, KY, OH, SC. Clients who are not residents of these states cannot be serviced.

This website is not intended to provide investment, legal, or tax advice, nor to effect securities transactions or to render personal advice for compensation. Tradewell Tax & Financial is not engaged in the practice of law. All insurance recommendations offered through Indiana Tax Advisory Group, Inc. Mike Albertson is President of Indiana Tax Advisory Group, Inc.

There are no assurances that you will achieve your investment objectives. All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss. Changes in investment strategies, economic conditions, contributions, or withdrawals may materially alter the performance of your portfolio. Past performance is no guarantee of future success. We provide no guarantee that any portfolio will match or outperform any benchmark.

Recommendations and advice are based on information provided by the client that is presumed to be accurate. The financial planning process is not stagnant and must be adjusted based upon changes in the client's personal and financial situation, liquidity needs, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. Clients are responsible for notifying us immediately if their personal and financial circumstances or goals change.