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We want to learn about you, your hopes and dreams.

That’s why your initial consultation with Tradewell Tax & Financial is on us. A Tradewell relationship begins with listening and learning about you and your goals; and then exploring how we can help you optimize your financial future.

If your current financial strategy isn’t working as hard as you are, Tradewell can help.

We know how important flexibility and discipline are to gathering and growing the assets you need for those you care about the most. At Tradewell, our mission is to structure a personal financial approach for you that can evolve over time to adjust to your changing profile and requirements.

Your Life Is Dynamic And Evolving.
Shouldn’t Your Financial Strategy Be As Well?


At TradeWell, our mission is to help investors make the most of their resources to reach for their financial and legacy planning goals. A fee-based investment advisory firm, Tradewell specializes in custom-tailored plans designed to maximize tax advantages, retirement benefits, financial strategies and income planning. Help secure your financial future today with Tradewell. When you become a client of ours, you gain a proven full-service investment management partner located “just around the corner,” here, in the Fort Wayne region.


Your conversation with Tradewell takes place across three distinct meetings.

The first meeting meeting concentrates on you and your hopes for the future. We ask a series of informal questions to gain an initial sense of how our resources could be brought to bear on optimizing your financial picture.

We listen and learn about your hopes and dreams

The initial consultation is complimentary

Our goal is to listen and learn as much about you as we can in the time allotted

We'll review tax returns, investment statements, health policies and anything else you would like to share with us

Next, we'll schedule a second meeting

We propose improvements to your financial picture

After initially studying your tax returns, investment statements and related documents, we look for gaps between your resources and your long-term objectives

We provide a written proposal that details steps that look to close those gaps and optimize your financial picture

We review, discuss and amend our proposed ideas with you

We preview and present your new Tradewell strategy

If you elect to go forward with Tradewell, we'll present a comprehensive strategy that links your objectives to clearly defined strategies to preserve, grow -- and eventually transfer your wealth

By applying the Tradewell Asset Cycle Portfolio System®, we will also set the stage for optimizing your investment portfolio to better reflect clearly articulate goals and time frames

You are encouraged to bring your tax returns, investment statements, annuities, life insurance, Social Security statements, pension statements, health insurance information and other documents to this first complimentary consultation. You will meet with one of our tax advisors or investment professionals, who will share some initial impressions about your current liabilities or risks – and how those exposures might be reduced. At the conclusion of the meeting, at your request, a second appointment will be scheduled to present initial ideas on strategies that might benefit your situation.

For the second meeting, we will attempt to identify shortfalls between your resources and your long-term goals; and develop ideas for improving your financial picture based on what is most important to you. We will also prepare a breakdown of your social security payments, and offer a cost estimate for crafting a comprehensive document that incorporated estate and financial planning, retirement planning and income generation requirements. Any fee‐for‐service items would, of course, be described in plain language and clearly presented.


In the third meeting, we’ll assemble all the parts of your financial plan into a written strategy that details how the critical financial elements in your life can fit together in a holistic manner. Whether your priority is income generation or tempering the impact of equity market volatility; finding a better life insurance policy or implementing a plan for long-term care, your Tradewell plan will provide you with the discipline to stay on track, while still retaining the flexibility to make timely adjustments. A Tradewell financial plan is designed to be a source of guidance for years to come, regardless of market conditions. Additionally, our trademarked Asset‐Cycle Portfolio System® provides a comprehensive way to evaluate the risk and reward characteristics of portfolio selections and make adjustments when appropriate.

After we craft your personalized financial plan, we assemble a wealth advisory team to oversee the implementation of your plan. These skilled professionals anticipate challenges for you and maximize opportunities as they arise. Our team can also work with your current providers if you prefer.


In addition to Mike Albertson who serves as a fiduciary to Tradewell clients and is obligated to set your interests ahead of his own, the firm has access to wide range of in-house professionals, including elder law attorneys, tax advisors, insurance professionals and investment advisor representatives. With a full complement of professionals under one roof, the high level of coordination, communication and collaboration that takes place provides our clients not only with broad access to resources when needed but also simplifies plan monitoring and adjustments.

If you are an investor who feels that a “do-it-yourself” approach or recommendations from your local broker are not enough, it may also be time to meet with us and begin your own Tradewell conversation.


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