Managed Accounts

Cost-Effective, Comprehensive, and Consultative

Whether your investment objectives include protection of your principal, rolling over your 401k, income in retirement, when to take Social Security, growth in the stock market, Charitable Giving, or a combination, we can help you take a disciplined approach to reach your stated goals.

Our Managed Account division offers the individual investor access to institutional type investing opportunities that many times are reserved for the super-affluent. We have over 30-separate managed portfolios to help meet your specific investment goals. If you are concerned about the protection and risk management of your accounts a complimentary consultation may be in order.

Your TradeWell™ Advisor Will Help You Assess Your Goals, Address Your Financial Concerns, and Monitor Your Progress along the way

Your managed account is a customized portfolio of stocks and cash, or cash equivalents, which is guided by your TradeWell™ investment representative, who buys and sells securities for your portfolio on your behalf. On our Managed Account Platform we evaluate each position in your account on a systematic, non-emotional, monthly basis. This tactical approach to investing can prove to be a benefit as we may remove an under-performing company’s stock when it no longer meets our strict criteria.

Because you directly own the securities within your account, you have the option to specify investment options. If you have Social Concerns with the types of companies you may be invested we offer platforms that are sensitive to these concerns.

The Giving Fund (donor-advised fund)

A Giving Fund with National Christian Foundation (NCF) is an easy-to establish, low-cost, flexible account for charitable giving that is a popular alternative to creating a private foundation. Also known as a donor-advised fund, it’s the fastest growing charitable vehicle in America today.

A Giving Fund works like a charitable checking account, but instead of depositing money and writing checks, you contribute all types of assets (cash, stocks, non-liquid assets), receive an income tax deduction at the time of the donation, and then go online to recommend grants to your favorite ministries and Churches.

  • SIMPLE – Easy to set up and begin granting
  • FLEXIBLE – Deduct now, grant later
  • SMART – Significant tax advantages over traditional giving and private foundations
  • CONVENIENT – Manage all of your giving online, anytime, and eliminate the paperwork
  • CHRISTIAN – Aligned with Christian values
  • ANONYMOUS – Grants can be sent anonymously to prevent solicitation
  • GROWING – Charitable assets can be invested for long-term growth
  • FUN – Recapture the joy of giving as you lead your family and pass on values before valuables

As fee-based investment advisors and Fiduciaries, we do not charge up-front commissions to manage your affairs. We offer an all-inclusive fee arrangement that covers all the managed account services we provide. A portion of the annualized fee, based on the total value of your portfolio, is charged to your account each month and you do not have to worry about writing a check. Advisory Fees that are paid often times can be deducted on your Schedule A on your US-1040. Please consult with your Tax Advisor to see if you would be able to qualify for this deduction.


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There are no assurances that you will achieve your investment objectives. All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss. Changes in investment strategies, economic conditions, contributions, or withdrawals may materially alter the performance of your portfolio. Past performance is no guarantee of future success. We provide no guarantee that any portfolio will match or outperform any benchmark.

Recommendations and advice are based on information provided by the client that is presumed to be accurate. The financial planning process is not stagnant and must be adjusted based upon changes in the client's personal and financial situation, liquidity needs, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. Clients are responsible for notifying us immediately if their personal and financial circumstances or goals change.