Our investment strategies are designed with risk management at the forefront and can serve as either a complete portfolio or as a core holding to add to your current investments. Each portfolio is designed to meet your personal tolerance for risk and long term goals. We strive to help you get to, and through retirement successfully. As a fee-based, Fiduciary investment advisory firm, we are legally obligated to act in your best interests.

Grow Your Wealth with Balanced Risk

To meet an your specific needs, we offer a unique combination of over 30 separate in-house managed account opportunities for your current IRA or 401(k) Rollover. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach at our firm. Your advisor can play an invaluable role in guiding you toward a strategy best-suited to your long-term objectives. Whether you’re trying to maintain a current lifestyle, or reach a certain goal, we will construct your portfolios based on facts and not emotions, hot trends, or speculation. We employ a broad-based investment approach utilizing the resources of TD Ameritrade Institutional. The Result Is a Broadly Diversified, Highly Efficient  and Low-Cost Portfolio

When drafting an investment plan, we recommend a blend of:

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and individual stocks, this will keep your internal fees low and options wide.
  • Fixed Income ETF’s, bonds or guaranteed investments*  management fees are waived for annuities.
  • Cash

We believe that proper diversification is NOT the correlation between the percentages of bonds verses equities, but rather knowing the company’s you invest in. We invest in a non-emotional, systematic way that can provide potential growth and better risk management than traditional Mutual Funds which are expensive, cumbersone and NOT tax efficient.

Fiduciary Fee-Only Investing

We are fee-based Investment Advisers and Fiduciaries, which means that we are legally required to put your interests ahead of our own. When you do better we do better.  In fact, since we are compensated generally according to how well we grow and preserve your wealth.  You can rest assured that we will position you according to your individual needs, not ours.  Most of our new clients come from other financial advisers who don’t have all the resources that Tradewell Financial offer.  

Conversely, Brokers and most Retail Banks and Brokerage Companies make their livings by earning commissions on what they sell. The more transactions they create, the more income they make. You may not feel confident knowing if the recommendation is what is in your best interest or theirs, and there is no law or standard that requires them to do so as long as the sale is suitable to your needs. 

Federal law requires that Registered Investment Advisers and Investment Adviser Representatives be held to a strict Fiduciary Standard. This standard requires that we act only in your best interest and charging commissions has an inherent conflict of interest that we must avoid. Benchmarks for this standard require that we can prove that we have provided you with optimal investment choices as well as disclosing to you any potential interest or conflicts we might have in any of our recommendations.

Our fee-based accounts include:

  • 401k’s and IRAs
  • Roth IRA’s
  • Non-Qualified, or non-IRA Accounts
  • Wrap accounts


Managed Accounts

Our Managed Accounts offer you access to institutional type investing opportunities that are often reserved for the super-affluent. We have over 30 separately managed portfolios to help you meet your specific investment goals. If you are concerned about the protection and risk management of your current accounts, then a friendly meeting may be in order.

Your managed account is a customized portfolio generally of stocks, ETF’s and cash (or cash equivalents) that we actively manage and trade on a monthly basis. This tactical approach to investing can be very beneficial, as it allows us to balance portfolios continuously in order to make sure that your investment performance meets our strict criteria.


* Guarantees are based upon the claims paying ability of the underlying insurance company.  Tradewell Tax & financial uses on the best rated carriers available.   Annuities are best suited for long term investors. Any strategy utilizing investments carries an inherent element of risk. Withdrawals from an annuity prior to age 59 1/2 are subject to a 10% tax penalty in addition to income taxes on earnings.


Mike Albertson is an Investment Adviser Representative. Advisory services offered through Secure Asset Management, LLC (SAM) a Registered Investment Adviser.

Wes Phelps is an Investment Adviser Representative. Advisory services offered through Secure Asset Management, LLC (SAM) a Registered Investment Adviser.

Tradewell Tax and Financial is not affiliated with Secure Asset Management

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This website is not intended to provide investment, legal, or tax advice, nor to effect securities transactions or to render personal advice for compensation. Tradewell Tax & Financial is not engaged in the practice of law.

All insurance recommendations will be provided by a state licensed Tradewell Tax & Financial insurance agent.

There are no assurances that you will achieve your investment objectives. All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss. Changes in investment strategies, economic conditions, contributions, or withdrawals may materially alter the performance of your portfolio. Past performance is no guarantee of future success. We provide no guarantee that any portfolio will match or outperform any benchmark.

Recommendations and advice are based on information provided by the client that is presumed to be accurate. The financial planning process is not stagnant and must be adjusted based upon changes in the client's personal and financial situation, liquidity needs, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. Clients are responsible for notifying us immediately if their personal and financial circumstances or goals change.