401(k) Rollovers

If you're getting close to retirement, it's a great time for us to review your current 401(k) and recommend a rollover strategy that's customized to meet your retirement goals. Dealing with 401(k) rollovers is one of our areas of expertise and we could help you find significant tax savings in the process!

A 401(k) rollover may be a good choice for you

Do you have old 401k funds sitting in a previous employer plan, or are you trying to manage these accounts by yourself? Have you recently retired or are you planning to retire soon? If so, it may make sense to “Roll-Over” those assets with TradeWell™ Tax & Financial and have one of our advisors help you manage this account according to your individual goals.

Beware of Fees

Excessive internal 401k fees can destroy two-thirds of your retirement. Let’s assume that the stock market will gain 7% over the next 50 years. At this rate for each dollar that is invested grows to 30 dollars, but the average mutual fund charges over 2% in total expense ratios and trading costs, which means you earn 5%. At this rate you get 10 dollars. Ten dollars verses thirty dollars. You take all the risk, put up the dollars for the investment and only to earn 33% of the return. You take it on the chin only to line the pockets of the mutual fund companies and 401k providers. If you hire an adviser who uses mutual funds you are essentially paying a manager to manage the managers and you add an additional layer of fees on-top of what we discussed above. Remember, most of our new customers come from other advisers and big-names investment companies you see on television.

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it..he who doesn’t…pays it”  Albert Einstein

Tax Advantages

If the 401k rollover is executed properly you could avoid current taxes and penalties while your eligible savings have the potential to grow tax-deferred. As funds are withdrawn from a Rollover IRA, they are taxed at your ordinary income tax rate. Withdrawals made prior to age 59 ½ may also be subject to a 10% federal tax penalty.  Tradewell Tax believes it is vital that you seek a qualified tax advisor before you make the decision to move your 401k to an IRA especially if you have your company stock inside your 401k plan. Often times when this is completed opportunities are lost because the individual is not informed or experienced with current tax code.

Investment Flexibility

With a Rollover IRA, you have the flexibility you deserve and may choose from a wide range of investments, which can include publicly traded stocks, low cost ETF’s (exchange traded funds), individual corporate bonds, certificates of deposit and annuities.

Professional retirement planning assistance

Setting up your Rollover IRA is what we specialize in and we can help you choose appropriate investments that can help meet your unique needs, both short-term and long-term. Your Financial Advisor will work with you in monitoring your retirement accounts, and help you make necessary adjustments when needed. Generally, we meet with our investment clients on a quarterly basis.


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