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Financial Planning

Your Financial Plan Begins With You
For most of us money is a loyal servant, but a difficult master.

Too often, “financial planning” is reduced to simply investing for maximum returns with little regard to risk. We believe that without clear expectations and specific goals to help track progress investors ultimately take on more market risk than necessary. Our firm is NOT a retail establishment where you can walk through the door and “purchase” a Mutual Fund or Stock like at most big named national firms. We are fee-based Investment Advisor Representatives and focus on comprehensive plans for our clients.

The baseline income for most retirees is Social Security and the big question is knowing the correct timing on when to start. Our plan involves careful listening and understanding to lay the groundwork for a plan that will move you closer to your goals. TradeWell™ Tax & Financial incorporates a consultative approach to financial planning for the interrelation among how and when to start retirement income (and the tax on this income), financial estate, investment, and lifestyle goals in a comprehensive manner.

When your finances are working well you cannot help but enjoy a satisfying sense that all of the financial elements in your life are moving in the right direction at the same time: That the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

At TradeWell™, we recognize that finding optimal financial strategies is a process, not a product. It involves:

  • Obtaining information about your current status
  • Identifying the level of risk you are currently are taking
  • Identify and locate possible strategies in reducing risk in all areas of your financial estate
  • Identifying your goals and income objectives
  • Developing a plan to meet those goals and objectives.

We Are Committed To Our Process Because It Can Provide Results

Once a Written Financial Plan is delivered we no longer refer to your portfolio as having proper Asset Allocation, but rather Asset Designation. Our clients continue to make decisions with clarity once we put purpose behind your assets. Similarly, as your advisor, we would work carefully with you to locate the appropriate product or service that will integrate best with your stated goals and income objectives.

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