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Tradewell Tax & Financial
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Our Firm

Tradewell Tax & Financial is a full-service investment management firm in Fort Wayne Indiana. We are a fee-based investment advisory firm focusing on custom-tailored financial and income plans. We offer in-house the services of Attorneys*, Tax Advisors, Insurance Professionals and Investment Advisor Representatives. Under our fee-based roof you will find the many professionals necessary to work toward your long term financial and legacy needs.

We offer a full line of opportunities, such as: Managed accounts, Sector Rotation models, Fixed and Indexed Annuities , Formulaic Stock Trending strategies at the Index level (ie: the SP 500) and the individual stock level, Bond strategies and Indexed funds strategies to investors"All the professionals you need in a single room, addressing your... financial needs." in the Tri-State area of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. We take a conservative approach in protecting your 401(k), IRA, non-qualified funds, existing variable annuity, cash or other retirement assets.

As a firm, we believe an unemotional and tactical approach to investing is best. We strive to allocate a prudent yet accurate amount into what we call “growth buckets”, or long-term investments, based upon the individual criteria and tolerances of each new client.

Most of our Managed Accounts are reallocated (traded) on a monthly basis, thus reducing risk and maximizing our opportunities for growth. We do not subscribe to the “buy and hold” approach to investing. This unique, customized approach allows you, our clients, to feel more comfortable about preparing for and getting through retirement. As a Tradewell client, you will receive a written financial plan, or “Road Map”, to help you stay on track and work toward reaching your stated goals.

* Neither Mike Albertson is not an attorney, and does not provide legal advice.

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